Students will attend one enrichment class daily. 


"Episcopal schools are created to be communicates that honor, celebrate, and worship God as the center of Life" (from the National Association of Episcopal Schools). The chapel program is the most obvious symbol of what makes an Episcopal school unique! We pray, we sing, and we always say the Lord's Prayer. The traditions of other denominations and faith groups are respected, and the school welcomes families of all religious faith groups and Christian denominations. Episcopal school worship embraces the full breadth of the human family.

Religion - Godly Play

The Godly Play approach helps children explore their faith through story, to gain religious language and to enhance their spiritual experience through wonder and play.

Music and Movement

Students will have the opportunity to listen to music, play instruments, experiment with sound, move their bodies and participate in a children's yoga class. The music and movement class will help children develop their gross and fine motor skills, improve their balance and coordination, hone their listening skills, and learn about cultures around the world.


Kindermusik will be taught in this class. Kindermusik will foster the whole child's development, increase school readiness, and share the joy and power of music making.

Library / Story Time

Children build early literacy skills needed for school readiness through engaging stories, poems, finger plays, rhymes and songs.

Miss Shelley is reading How Do I Love You? A Love Poem from Parent to Child, written and illustrated by P.K. Hallinan and published by Troll Associates.

Miss Shelley is reading Put Me in the Zoo written by Robert Lopshire and published by Random House Publishing. We hope you enjoy Circus Week!

Spanish - Sonrisas (Giggles and Smiles)

Spanish curriculum developed for preschools. Lessons are age appropriate for young learners.


Our students have access to the latest in education technology. Teachers use Interactive Smartboards to convey compelling education material.

Good Monday Morning from Miss Shelley, April 27, 2020!

Miss Shelley is reading Jumpin Jubilee written and illustrated by Angela Erwin. Jumpin Jubilee is Published by Pine Hill Books.

Today, Miss Shelley is reading "How Will We Get to the Beach?, A Guessing-Game Story" written by Brigitte Liciani, and illustrated by Eve Tharlet. This book is published by North-South Books, Inc.

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