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Kona Ice Truck Days



St. James offers a catered lunch for your child 3 days per week,

on a four-week basis. Payment for your order is made through GradeLink,

or by check made payable to St. James Episcopal School

for the four-week period.  If you have any questions about

the ordering process, please contact our school office

at 251-928-2912 or email us at


To place your lunch order, simply fill out the form below.



Student Namerequired
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Parent or Guardian Namerequired
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May Lunch Orders

Due by Monday, April 15



Week 1: April 29-May 3
Week 2: May 6-10
Week 3: May 13-17
Week 4: May 20-22
If you prefer, you may send a check made payable to "St. James Episcopal School" with your child, to your homeroom teacher.
Please note on the memo line "lunch order." 

Payment Information

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