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Current Families

This section is just for our St. James parents and families. Please keep the passkey private, as we are safeguarding the information we post in this section. Some of the public information is repeated here, simply for your convenience, however we may use this section to post information that requires confidentiality, for the safety of our children. Thank you.

Be sure to click on the sub-pages to the right "In This Section," where you will find more detailed information.


  • Gradelink is the Student Information System software we use at St. James School. Gradelink database keeps all of our attendance records, our grades, and our finances. The school office sends emails through Gradelink and the teachers communicate with you through Gradelink as well. This is also the place where you go to pay your tuition, if you choose to do so online.


  • Every effort is made to keep our calendar up-to-date. Check out our home page for a calendar, as well as news and events!

New Family Information:

  • Being in a new school can sometimes feel overwhelming--so many questions. How does carpool work? Where do we buy uniforms? Where do I find the lunch form? The New Family Information page is designed to help ease the frustrations of being in a new school. 


  • St. James emails a monthly newsletter. We know sometimes those emails can get missed, overlooked or accidentally deleted. No worries. We have put the latest one here on our website for you. 


  • Forms, forms, and more forms... We have attempted to streamline the process with our new online form system, limiting paper, and doing our part to save the environment where possible.  


  • The parent handbook is provided to parents and students to offer guidelines and information concerning the policies of St. James Episcopal School. While every attempt has been made to be thorough, some situations may arise which are not covered in the handbook, in which case the School administration will act in the best interest of the students and the school and in accord with the general principles of this handbook. St. James Episcopal School reserves the right to modify the handbook’s content any time the administration believes it is in the best interest of the school to do so. If you have any questions about policies that are not covered in this document, please contact the school. 


  • We offer a catered lunch 5 days a week. Easily place your lunch order using our online ordering system.

Supply List:

  • On our Supply List page you will find a downloadable sheet which you may print and take to the store with you...or better yet- just take a screen shot and save paper.


  • The PTO meets monthly. You are a member, just by being a parent.