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Lower School


The transition to kindergarten is an important developmental milestone for children and their families. Our teachers work with families to create a seamless transition by sharing information and building relationships of support throughout the transition. Our kindergarten class is taught by a certified lead teacher who continues to develop each child’s individual needs within a formalized Kindergarten curriculum. The program provides academically challenging and developmentally appropriate activities. The curriculum also develops journal writing skills and utilizes thematic study units.

First Grade, Second Grade, and Third Grade

This first, second and third grades are taught by certified teachers who instructs student in phonics and reading fluency. In English Language Arts, students learn to not only improve reading skills, but develop a love of literature. Our students benefit from a cohesive, multi-text approach to literacy and instruction.

Our math program seeks to create engaged, motivated mathematicians with the ability to think critically and problem solve. By encouraging students to understand  the "why," rather than simply applying a formula, we strive to deepen our students' number sense and ability to attack problems.

Kindergarten, first, second and third grade classes integrate Smartboard technology into lessons. Additionally, first, second, and third grade classes use Chromebooks for small group instruction to incorporate technology and begin learning keyboarding skills. 

child reading book
Lower School students working on chromebooks
children with teacher
Two lower school boys working with the teacher on reading skills
children in the classroom
Little girl reading
Kindergarteners in the hall by their art work
Two lower school boys working with the teacher on reading
Children in the Classroom
Lower School student working with the classroom aid
children in the classroom
Children listening to a story
Children building in science class
children in the classroom
little girl in the classroom
boy doing work in the classroom
children in the classroom
little girl reading at desk
children in the classroom
Kindergarten student at her desk
Kindergarten students lining up for PE